Third Arc

Big jump forward in time, we are in a futuristic world, mixing Cyberpunk and Science fiction.

Inter-dimensional creatures, similar to dragons, enter on Altarion. They aim at the conquest of this world, and the use of the resources until the exhaustion of the reserves of the planet.

But this war is quickly mastered, because nothing had prepared dragons for a world governed by the magic, and a peace settles down between Altarion and Hygmars.

However, this peace is precarious, because Hygmars is divided. Some of them consider that they should master Altarion and hunt other universes as they always done. They will be called “Radravels”. By means of manipulations, they will finish at the head of Altarion, and will launch an attack on our planet, at the risk of destroying the totality of the parallel worlds.

Because on earth, the lineage of Fairheaven survived, as well as the legendary Charm-rock.

Book 1 - Hygmars

Nothing differenciate this morning from the other ones, except the scent of a metalic smoke in the air. Nevertheless, columns of flames come down on Altarion, and using thermal lift, Hygmars begins their conquering descent. But are they really ready to face the magic of Altarion?

Book 2 - The star's reader

War against Hygmars ended, peace is back, and life returned to normal. It’s in this period of calm that Opale and Myrë start their journey to find a woman capable of reading the future in the stars.

Book 3 - Metempsychosis

The Bible, a book which started many wars and passions, pillar of the faith of numerous people…
But who is this couple which dares to question the support of the existence of the Christendom, by chatting cheerfully of God who is only a cheat, and of a angel in love with Marie? How dare they claim that Lucifer is not the Devil !

Book 4 - The crow and the fox

A hungry fox and a tortured vampire, not interesting enought to begin a big history … nevertheless, when a change form is thrown in a quest, can she really be distracted by the restless soul of a vampire?

Book 5 - Resurgence

Memory empty, past turned off, futur uncertain, such is the condition in which Eryn woke up one morning. Her only memory concerns an androgynous man asking her if she had recorded her new face … Which doesn’t make any sense.
In search for her identity, who could she trust?

Book 6 - Horsemen