First Arc

Before becoming Altarion, lands are discovered by three men, three captains of boats: Altarion, Sleeve and Torne. They are  going to divided the total of the bare lands, except a forest in the Southeast: Emayra.

It is the only zone populated on these lands.

The inhabitants of Emayra are peaceful and are held taken away from the men. They have a strange appearance, a humanoid but with animals features. They seem to be capable of forcing the nature to their desires without making use of strength or workforce. For the people who discovered the continent, it’s nothing more than magic. However, even if they have a certain distrust face to the Emayriens, they are not afraid of them, or do not consider their capacities as being devilish.

The calendar of the first Arc of Altarion will be dated from the moment of the continent’s discovery.

25 years after the accosting, Sleeve tries to murder Torne to steal its lands. Altarion and Torne joins their forces against him, win the fight, and decide to build a surrounding wall encircling the lands of Sleeve in sign of reprisals.

It will be necessary to wait more than 300 years before these walls are destroyed by king of Altarion.

The kingdoms of Altarion and Torne will be unified by a marriage in the year 563 after the conquests. Sleeve will be absorbed too in the year 765 after the conquests.

Regrettably, in the year 813, Altarion will be divided into 5 parts which will enter to war. About 100 years will be needed before it ends.

The first story of the cantos takes place in the year 461 after the conquests.

Book 1 - May your wish come true

Who is he ? He came out of nowhere, he just spoke with an old lord, telling him his name is Sir Baeltran. Then he invited the young and beautiful Elyzara Fairheaven to dance with him, and it’s true they seems to come from a fairytale, which didn’t please her fiancee. But what’s troubling was the disparition of the young lady, and the drama happened during the night. Disapeared, maybe kidnapped or left to die in the woods in her 18th year, it’s a tragedy.

Book 2 - The Shââmrock's Legend

Old king Cernd of Altarion remarries! But while it delights the people, he despairs of the choice which impose him. Indeed, king widower has already three sons old enough to get married, and his councillors consider that a political remarriage shall allow his sons to get married by love and not out of a sense of duty. But from there to marry a princess who has the age to be his daughter, was her the heiress of king of Torne!
Regrettably! On the eve of the marriage, king Cernd is killed, and Shanyah, princess of Torne, is accused and imprisoned. His father intends to prove her innocence and to get her back by strength. Both kingdoms enter war, and the elder son of king Cernd, Alderic, leads the army to the fight.

Book 3 - Duality

Altarion is one big kingdom. It unified to Torne and Sleeve by diverse marriages and alliances.
On his death bed, king Justice divides the kingdom into five so each of his sons inherit an equal part of the kingdom. But the sons, jealous from each other, go to war, trying to conquer the property of others.
While soldiers try to join the front, they are sudden victims of a kind of curse around a village. Only Elenna, the doctor of the village, refuses to be taken by the superstition and look after soldiers and after villager without distinction. But in her back, the anger of the village swells.
While the tension is growing, why a foreigner comes out from nowhere in this village? And most important, how has he been able to cross the front ?

Book 4 - And from your rotten womb

My parents died, and I ignore what killed them. I spent a night watching the house burning, shattering all my childhood and my happy memories. I only kept the sword of my father. It didn’t seems that he had the time to use it.
When the day end, I left. I followed the track of the thing which killed my parents until my legs cannot carry me anymore.
And it is there that I met them, those who were going to adopt me within them and help me to find the murderer. This day, I became a she-wolf.

Book 5 - [Re]born

My son, you are almost a man now. I saw you growing, I saw you being chosen to enter the academy of magic and I saw with which pride you showed me your progress. You are strong, you are beautiful, but it frightens me.
How could I tell you all which entourre your birth? How could I tell you that the one that you call father is of heart, and not blood?
Will be you capable of accepting the truth?
Will be you capable of forgiving your mother for wanting so much to protect you and to preserve you from any evil, any suffering?
Will be you capable of remembering that whatever happens, I shall always love you more than everything?

Book 6 - In memoriam Emesthys

Script- Valérian de Noirefontaine

Before even the arrival of the first men on what will become Altarion, Larenya, the queen of Emayra and wife of Krynân, the king, gives birth to fraternal twins, Emesthys and Olseymara. But her joy is short-lived when witch-mother tells her that Emesthys is not her son. Indeed, king asked for witch-mother to save the son of his first love, and she agreed to transfer him in the womb of the queen.
While the children grow up, the hatred of Larenya also grows against Emesthys, him who is doubtless the illegitimate son of her husband. And when he dares to fall in love with Olseymara and kidnaps her, Larenya decides to use the men just arrived on the continent to kill Emesthys. Because only the men can resist to the powers of Emesthys. But is it that simple ?

Book 7 - The she wolf without a face

Shima Fairheaven is a big warrior and a heroin. Always accompanied by a wolf and a masked face, she seems to guard the balance of Altarion, and regulates essentially the raids of the predators from Emayra. Helped by a strange weapon, its legend does not stop growing, reaching the young Jonah in Altarion. He will leave to search her, willing to see this legend with his own eyes, even if he’s risking his life.